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Istria is a name that resounds with mystery and so it is no surprise Istria has been given the name of “Terra Magica.”  The peninsula lies between the Gulf of Trieste and the Bay of Kvarner at the head of the Adriatic Sea.  The majority of Istria is Croatian; however, there are small parts of the region that belong to Italy and Slovenia.  Istria is a fabulous Mediterranean peninsula, the largest in the Adriatic Sea.  Every year many tourist look forward to an Istria vacation, Istria has been a home and travel destination for many famous individuals throughout history.  You may have heard the names, Dante, Jules Verne, Robert Koch, or James Joyce, but perhaps you’ve never heard of Istria, where these famous writers and individuals lived, wrote, worked, and visited.

However, Istria, with its mild Mediterranean climate, is definitely not a place to be overlooked as a healthy tourist destination or a place to set your roots.  The average sea temperature in beautiful Istria is a warm 25C, matching its summer air temperature of the same 25C.  With approximately 2,387 hours of sunshine each year, Istria offers a wealth of pleasure, a rich history, and a lovely surrounding countryside to please anyone who chooses to visit, live, or travel Istria.  Istria is a peninsula of sun-drenched hills and the deep Mediterranean green of beautiful forests that compliment the glorious, rich color of the Adriatic Sea. 

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For as long as can be remembered, the people of Istria have benefited from its unspoiled natural resources.  From generation to generation, Istria people have been able to preserve its true beauty and keep their traditional Istria values through careful conservation of the beautiful Istria peninsula.  The people are able to bask in the warmth of the Istria region and enjoy all the spectacular natural wonders Istria has to offer them.  The hard-working people of Istria work abundant fields of grapes, olives, and other crops that are grown in rich, unpolluted soil.  They nourish their bodies and refresh their souls in a healthy, productive life on Istria.

The Istrian Peninsula has managed to preserve true and original natural values. The protection of such natural treasures, passed on from generation to generation, has also become an unwritten rule for today’s new generations - to preserve the unspoilt, sun soaked hills, highlighted with flourishing Mediterranean greenery, forests shading the Adriatic sea …

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Some well-known towns in Istria include Pula, Porec, Pazin, Labin, Rovinj, Motuvun, Buzet, and Buge.  You may have heard of these towns and others such as the coastal towns of Portoroz, Koper, and Piran because of the large quantities of quality Istria olive oil, wine, and the many natural health foods that are grown and cultivated here by the people of Istria.

The natural treasures of Istria, the healthy foods, the quality wine, the rich yields of olive oil, Istrian people, the Istria history and Istria culture of this peninsula make Istria a popular tourist destination, as well as a wonderful place to live.  Istria holidays bring many visitors from all around the world to travel Istria and take an Istria vacation.  The beauty of the Adriatic Sea, the unspoiled resources of Istria, the sunshine, the lovely landscapes, and the ingrained values of the Istria people to preserve and protect their land make Istria a place not easly forgotten.  With everything it has to offer, there is no doubt that Istria should be carefully considered as your next travel destination.

Perhaps the mystery of the name “Terra Magica” draws you to Istria.  Perhaps it is to follow in the footsteps of James Joyce or Jules Verne and discover what they found so magical in Istria.  Maybe it is to savor the quality wines or the desire to taste pure, rich Istrian olive oil and healthy Istria foods.  Maybe you never heard of Istria until today, but Istria, even if it were not the largest peninsula in the Adriatic Sea, is not a land to be missed or casually put aside.  It is certain that whether you decide to visit, work, live, or travel Istria, you will discover that Istria is truly a “Terra Magica.”
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