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Porec is one of the most beautiful and charming locations in Croatia.  The area is very popular with tourists, especially those from Western Europe.  Porec offers a truly mesmerizing landscape that is rich with natural sights and sounds.  There is also a wide range of top class hotels and holiday resorts in the region.  These resorts include the Plava and Zelena Laguna, also known as the Green Lagoon.  During the mid-1800’s, Austrian Lloyd, a steamers society based in Trieste, established a tourist line.  This tourist line included Porec and by 1845, Porec had its first printed tourist guide.  Porec is definitely a hotspot for tourism and vacations.  This is not only because of its large assortment of hotels and resorts, but also because it has a wide selection of vacation property rentals.  Therefore, whether you are looking for sightseeing, camping, or a lively city life, Porec has everything to meet your vacation requirements.

PorecIf you are more inclined towards an active vacation filled with sports and other outdoor recreation activities, you are bound to find this in Porec.  This is because the city has numerous tennis courts, gyms, sports grounds, and waters for horseback riding, water sports, bungee jumping, yachting, and underwater exploration.  There are also many cultural expos and events which are organized regularly throughout the year.  Hence, you can enjoy classical concerts in the St. Euphrasius’ Basilica or a cool jazz evening at the Museum of Porec.  There are also summertime picturesque folk feasts in the nearby towns of Tar and Funtuna.  If you are interested in aerial sports, there is a small airport for just that purpose. The airport is located in nearby town of Vrsar.

PorecLocated on the western coast of Istria, the Porec peninsula is rich with Roman architecture such as the cardo-decumanus.  This unique town is also a port and its flat landscape is situated between the Mirna valley in the north and the Limski Kanal Fjord in the south.  Porec enjoys mild climatic conditions through out the year and there is no severe summer heat.  The peak temperature of the summer months is around 24 °C and the winter is relatively mild as well, with an average temperature of 4.5 °C.  Rainfall is generous, but equally distributed during the year.  This allows for the formation of thick vegetation in some parts of the region.  The primary occupations in the area include farming, viniculture, fishing, and tourism.
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