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Paklenica is truly one of the most beautiful and interesting places in Croatia.  It is situated next to the Adriatic Sea near the highest peaks of the Velebit Mountains.  The surface area of Paklenica is about 90 square kilometers, which stretches from the Velebit Mountains, Vaganski, and Sveto Brdo.  The area is endowed with a rich variety of stunning natural sights and wonders.  For this reason, the area was made into a national park in 1949.  Paklenica is unique in all its attributes and it also provides an interesting connection between sea and mountains. 

Paklenica The variety of mountains, black pine forests, canyons, and beech that can be found in this place makes it a natural phenomenon.  One of the most mesmerizing features of this area is the entry to the canyons of the  Mala and Velka Paklenica.  This is because these two canyons have some very peculiar features in terms of the hydrological and geological features.  These canyons also have an impressive assortment of plant life, which include the karst, flora, and fauna.  The area is also popular for its numerous natural formations of pits and caves.
There are 20 different habitat types within the boundaries of the park.  Insects form the largest population of animals that can be found in the park.  This is because there are no less than 82 species if insects in the park region.  Furthermore, the number of individuals in each species outnumbers that of any other animal in the park.  The most common insect that can be found in Paklenica is the scarce swallowtail.  The Vagan’s silky ringlet is also another insect that has a significant presence in the area.  The Apollo butterfly can also be seen in the region.  This butterfly is undoubtedly one of Croatia’s most beautiful insects.

As mentioned earlier, in terms of plant life, this area is certainly not lacking.  For example, from the area leading from the seacoast to the highest mountains of the Velebit, there are at least 800 different species of flora.  This is truly an impressive number of plant species.  Out of these species of flora, 40 are endemic.  This means that these plants only can only be sustained in certain areas of the region.  Hence, they are called plants of limited distribution because these plants mostly live in parts located near the Dinaric Mountains and the Velebit Mountains.  It would appear that the altitude and general climatic conditions of these regions enhance the growth of the flora.  It should be said that the fauna tends to be more resilient than the flora since it can survive in many more parts of the region.

There are at least 150 kilometers of hiking trails in Paklenica.  These trails of course prove very useful to first-time tourists.  The trail that leads from the reception area to the Velika Paklenica canyon to the Paklenica Mountain Hut is perhaps the most frequented trail.  It is worth mentioning that it takes about two hours to walk from the reception area to the Paklenica Mountain Hut.  There are also designated tour guides that assist tourists in following the different available trails.  The Paklenica National Park is one of the busiest climbing centers in the whole of Croatia.  It is well known in other countries, especially in Europe.  This is because the center’s quality and organization is of a very high standard.  These are some of the reasons why the numbers of visitors to the Park keeps on rising from year to year.  Paklenica also serves as a major source of revenue because it is a highly lucrative aspect of the Croatian tourism industry.
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