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Croatia offers many clubs to entertain residents and tourists.  However, many nightlife and clubbing venues, as well as open-air events, will pop up and then disappear.  You will want to check with the local tourist information location during your stay in Croatia to find current club events and open-air events.
Croatian summers offer many open-air parties and outdoor events.  This is particularly true of areas that are on the coast where there are a wide range of different cafes, clubs, and pubs.  In Croatia, you must not have gone outdoors if you haven’t encountered an all-night beach party along the coast.

Night Club in Zagreb
In Croatia, you should plan on staying out until the sun comes up to greet you the next morning.  The rich nightlife in Croatia encourages afternoon naps.  Typically, nightlife in Croatia heats up at the café bars, and then around 1:00 a.m., the residents and tourists in Croatia move on to the many dance clubs in the region.  From there, they may seek an open-air party on the beach to cap off their evening and watch the sun rise over the sea.
Croatia has many cities on the coast and on the islands that are known as holiday resorts.  These often host seasonal events and outdoor parties to help boost the tourist trade.  As a tourist or resident in Croatia, you will find many parties that revolve around music.  International DJ’s and popular Croatian locals, pubs, and dance clubs offering techno are easy to find for a night’s entertainment of dining and dancing.
Croatia is so well known for its dancing and club opportunities that each year more and more nightclubs and beach bars open.  Booming techno, lively house music, and the sounds of laughter and people dancing can be heard just about anywhere you go in Croatia after sunset.  Croatians know how to have fun, and they know that tourists come from around the world just to party in Croatian clubs.
However, Croatia isn’t just about wild parties.  You can find entertainment on every corner and along every beach where clubs, pubs, and restaurants prevail.  Still, if you want to walk along a gorgeous beach and have a tasty meal, you can do this at many of the holiday resorts and open-air events.  Tourists and residents alike can find a nice quiet place to relax and just enjoy the beauty of Croatia, but when the sun goes down, be ready to find a club and party until the sunrise!
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