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Croatia’s culture is evident in the theaters that are interspersed throughout the country. In Croatia, you can go to theaters for local festivals, blockbuster movies from the United States, professional or amateur performances, operas, and concerts.

Throughout the summer months, there are a wide variety of festivals to be seen throughout Croatia.  These summer festivals are usually comprised of music and local culture.  Popular summer carnivals to watch for are held in August in Novi Vinodolski and Senj.

In the winter months, carnivals are primarily staged in January and February.  The popular winter carnivals are held in the cities of Crikvenica, Dubrovnik, Lastovo, Novi Vinodolski, Opatija, Rijeka, Samobor, and Senj.  The wonderful cold weather adds a crispness to the air at the winter carnivals, while you bask in the warmth of Croatia’s culture.

The larger cities and towns throughout Croatia have indoor movie theaters where you can watch the latest blockbuster movies.  Most often, the movies are in their original language, primarily English, and feature Croatian subtitles.  Some popular tourist areas have outdoor movie cinemas as well, similar to “drive-in” theaters that were once very popular in the United States.

Laced throughout Croatia are over 30 professional and amateur theaters.  Here, you can watch local entertainers perform live on stage.  At the more professional theaters, you will see a wide variety of off-Broadway style plays and acts, while at the amateur theaters, you will find more of the local flavor intermingled in the production itself.

Opera houses can be found in the cities of Zagreb, Rijeka, Osijek, and Split.  Here, the local musicians play opera music in a more traditional sense by adding the touch of local flavor and culture.

Nearly every town in Croatia has a concert hall and orchestra.  Music is a big part of the culture of Croatia and it can be heard throughout the country.  Wonderful concerts are held regularly, featuring local musicians in the orchestra, filling the air with the distinctive sounds of their music.  The concert halls are filled with the essence and tone of the traditions and customs of the country.

When you visit Croatia, be sure you explore and leave no artistic stone unturned—in doing so, you would miss the very core of the lifestyle of Croatia.  Croatia is a wonderful, refined country with a wealth of music and culture.  It is very much alive and it has a great deal to offer everyone who comes to visit.
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