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Central Croatia
For those who plan on visiting Croatia, they often think of the coastal and island resort areas as the best places to visit.  The inland continental areas are often ignored and left untouched by visitors.  This is sad, because the continental areas of Croatia have a rich heritage.  The culture of this area is rich and diverse, and the nature is beautiful.  From castles to mountains, there are many beautiful attractions waiting for those who travel the less traveled road to find their way to central Croatia.  Because of so many attractions, the central areas of Croatia are beginning to increase their pull towards tourists and local visitors.
The areas in the center of Croatia are some of the most romantic and rustic places in the country.  Set on a backdrop of sloping hills topped with charming country churches, this is a great location to go for a romantic getaway.  Since central Croatia is off the beaten path, those who want to have a romantic vacation can enjoy vineyards, castles, and manor houses without the crowds at the other popular tourist destinations.
Towns such as Varazdin, Cakovec, Sisak, and others draw visitors due to their rustic charm.  Visitors can explore the diverse and surprising cultures of this area.  Do not be surprised if you feel like you are stepping into a fairy tale when you set foot in a central Croatian town, such as Krapina.  Look around and you will see castles that rival your most romantic dreams.  Central Croatia gives you the chance to step back in time to the era of the romantics.

Central Croatia
As you travel through central Croatia, you will notice that each area you visit has its own charm.  For example, when you visit Hrvatsko Zagorje, you will see numerous castles.  There are over fifty castles, curias, and manor houses in this area alone.  Many of these have been opened for tours after extensive renovations and even those that are not open give area visitors beautiful photography opportunities.  This is the world where legends are born.  Make sure you plan enough time to sit back and enjoy the history around you.  Also, in Hrvatsko Zagorje you can explore Pregrada and the Cathedral of Zagorje, the large church that occupies most of this small town.  Here you can enjoy concerts daily on their famous church organ.
If you want to step into the Baroque era, then head to the town of Varazdin.  This town has earned the nickname “Little Rome” because of the many historical churches within its boundaries.  While visiting Varazdin, make sure you visit Stari Grad Castle, which has a long, rich history.  If history is your thing, try to schedule a visit to the Varazdin cemetery, which is considered one of the most beautiful and historic cemeteries in Europe.  If you are visiting Varazdin in September, schedule time to catch the Baroque Evenings of Varazdin, a concert series that highlights the Baroque history of the region.
Central Croatia is becoming a center for congressional and business tourism.  The town of Zagreb, specifically, is becoming popular as a location to hold business conventions.  Others travel to the region to get away from their busy lives and enjoy the rustic rural life of the surrounding areas.  Horseback riding through the hills is a popular activity for those who visit central Croatia.
Not only is there much history to enjoy in this undiscovered region, but there are also luxury spas that take advantage of the thermal springs that run through central Croatia. These have been developed into luxury resorts for visitors to enjoy.  The towns of central Croatia are highly accessible for tourists.  Almost half the population of Croatia resides in the central part, and they are eager to welcome you to their alluring countryside.
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