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Kvarner archipelago lies along the Adriatic in Croatia.  This is a delightful tourist destination due to its beauty and mild climate.  Some travelers refer to it as the Kvarner Riviera. 

The tourist area is next to Rijeka, a port city with a population of 200,000 people.
This port is a shipping destination for the area and consequentially is extremely busy.  Lying to the west just a few miles is the tourist city of Opatija.  This city has been attracting tourists for over 160 years.  Many travelers consider it the centerpiece of the Kvarner experience.  Opatija offers both daytime activities and an active nightlife.

The Bay of KvarnerOne of the scenic delights is to board the ferryboat and travel along the coast from seaside towns to little island stops.  Bring a camera with extra film or memory cards if it is digital.  It would be a shame not to capture the coastal beauty of the Kvarner Riviera.  Some of the cities where the ferry stops have festivals.  You plan on taking in these special events if the trip is planned around the correct dates.

Another pleasure in a vacation at the Kvarner Riviera is the great food and the elegant accommodations.  The resort proprietors make sure that the service is excellent and the experience is a memorable one.  This is one of the reasons that this area has remained popular for so many years

Volosko, a kilometer from Opatija, is noted for its excellent seafood restaurants and its picturesque fishing village ambiance.  Again, bring the camera.

Matulji is an entry point for tourists driving or coming by train to the Kvarner region.  The town is tourist dependent, with many places to stay including rooms in private homes.  The elevation makes for cool evenings and relaxing sleep in the summer months.  Yet, the sea is only two kilometers away.

Icici is another town located just outside Opatija.  It is noted for its marina, with about 300 slips, and the availability of all things nautical.  Sailing, swimming, and parasailing are three vacation delights that are readily found.  If you have ever wanted to rent a villa, this may be the place to do it.

Lovran began as a tourist destination about the same time as the city of Opatija.  Its transformation from a fishing village to a tourist attraction makes it a study of the past and the present.  Villas are available for rent and the orthopedic clinic is a reminder that this seaside resort has a history of vacations for health reasons. 

Medveja is just a couple of kilometers from Lovran.  For those looking for a campground, this just might be the place.  There are also rooms in private homes for rent.  This little seaside city could make a base camp for a day of diving.  Like all the Kvarner seaside stops, there are unique camera shots to be taken and quaint village scenes.

The tourist can start anywhere along this coastline and capture the beauty of the mountains meeting the sea.  They can island hop by ferry or drive along the coast.  There are structures from the 1500’s and modern places to stay.  If swimming and diving are your passion, this is a wonderful place to indulge it.  Sailing on the sea is readily available as well as other water sports.  Great food of all types can be found by dining at the variety of restaurants that are located along the way.  You can enjoy authentic meals of the Croatian culture, as well as fantastic seafood cuisine.  The limitations are only your willingness to try something different.  A Kvarner Riviera vacation will live up to its well-founded reputation
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